Saturday, September 6, 2008

The challenges of a sports fan

Obviously, and greatly to my wife's displeasure, I am a sports fanatic who watches just about every sport. (She and I have different opinions on what a sport is, such as watching poker competitions.) I played basketball, baseball and ran track and field in high school. I am physically unable to participate in most sports due to (My wife beating me eveyr night) my recent back and neck problems. I think that is why I enjoy watching sporting events on television sometimes (constantly) to live vicariously through other athletes. I know it is not me out there performing but it is still exciting and thrilling to watch. Unless it is the Dallas Cowboys.

I have this small hobby, M.I. would say obsession in collecting Nascar diecast cars. They are mostly Jeff Gordon cars (I know, you probably would not have guessed that) who by the way is going to win at Richmond on Sunday. This is one of my psychic moments that I occasionally have from time to time. (Wife says psychotic.) If he wins I want to purchase his Nicorette car and add to my humble collection. Humble meaning we have an entire room dedicated to my sports memorabilia and M.I. gets pissy if I talk about extending the room so I have more space. Women, so moody.

Leave it to a woman, Tropical Storm HANNA to ruin my day of rest and relaxation by postponing my leisure time. Hopefully Ike will be much more understanding of this and blow out to sea.

A toast to all of my fellow sports enthusiasts out there. Keep up the good fight! Never give up! Just lock the wife up in the closet and deal with the carnage later.


Malicious Intent said...

Sports suck! But I will say the drivers are pretty hot.

You and Malach should just talk on and on for endless hours about baseball and proper jock scratching.



Malach the Merciless said...

We are getting Hana mostly tomorrow, had tons of rain today, and you ain't see nothing until you seen me and my kin, New England Sports fans!

Hope you feeling better, and they have finally diagnosed you with something. When I find out what it is, I will call your wife, and give her my expertise on what it is.

Feel better soon.

Malicious Intent said...

Ok, now I am pissed. Your Dad signs up for a name to post on your blog, but not mine! That's it. I am duct taping his back hair when I see him again.

Kittie Chaos said...

Ok my dear I do believe your crystal ball has cracked in half. Jeff s in what place???? hmmmmmmmmmmmm 11th I see??? Gee a guy named Earnhardt seems to be in 3rd place right now. Your crystal ball is definately cracked my dear

Kittie Chaos =0)

goooooood girl said...

Feel good......