Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Back and Neck Pain In My Ass

I am thirty-two years old and married with two step children. (Worse yet, I am married to Malicious Intent.) My profession is a commercial painter and I have had chronic back and neck problems for about twenty long years.

I had my first neck surgery twenty months ago in which the doctors put cadaver (donor) bone, two plates and eight screws into my neck to attempt a fusion.
The surgery was, to say the least very painful and the recovery even tougher. Now almost two years later I find out that the fusion did not work and the only option left is to have surgery, again.
I am getting surgery on October 1 and hope this time it works, there are no guarantees. On top of my PITA neck problem I get more fabulous fucking news that I have two herniated disks in the thorax area of my spine, which the doctor prescribed pain medication for and physical therapy. Therapy did not work and the meds are just a band aide. I then was told to try a cortisone shot in my back. OK, I am game if it will help. It didn't help. Just like the four other injections did not work for my neck. The doctor has no solution and says that surgery is very risky for this area of the spine as there are a lot of vital organs in that area. (As in they would have to deflate a lung to do this one.) At the present time if I do not take my meds I literally cannot function and it is getting increasing hard to walk. I feel like a old man and to make matters even more difficult I have to worka shit load of overtime due to the suck-ass economy. OK I am now done venting and if anybody has a suggestion short of smoking crack please let me know.


Malicious Intent said...

So I guess we are just going to be eating a lot of Spam and baked beans for a while.

We will make it!

Malach the Merciless said...


acrosstheuniverse said...

Malach, I love your humor. You gotta explain FLDS for me so I can laugh.

DWD, your painting is the best I've ever seen. Really. Hope you get some relief SOON. In the meantime, smoke some weed. I've heard it's medicinal.

Kitty said...

Hi there DWND - nice to meet you. I'm sure you're a fabulous chap - you must be to have that fabulous wife of yours.

I look forward to reading your thoughts on anything and everything.

Welcome to the Blogosphere - hope you have fun here! x

Vicki said...

Welcome to the Blog world. We already know your wonderful (MI keeps us informed, be warned :)

Really hoping they can figure something to make your back and neck better!

Anonymous said...

""OK I am now done venting and if anybody has a suggestion short of smoking crack please let me know.""

LOL. I came here from 'maliciousintently' and I haven't been disappointed. Thanx! Humour is the best medicine they say. I know the challenges of a personal illness and ones about the economy as well. I'm living independent of my parents, so you know what I mean. You'll get through it, but it won't be easy. I don't want to create false hopes and thus my words. Gods bless.

It was very nice to read that you're enjoying parenthood.

Kali said...

I also have bad back pains! The only thing is that it's to do with my disproportionately large rack, so at least my back pains have a compensation..

You should probably see a chiropractor. I hear they work wonders...

Titania Starlight said...

Friend of M.I. , thought I would stop in to see what her other half was up to. Sorry to hear your are going through all this stuff with your back.

You have style just like M.I. I will have to stop by again.

Your profile pic is very interesting. Whatever in the heck it is. :o)

Bill Clark said...


Are you really drafting with no direction (as in beer, I hope!) or merely drifting? Enquring minds want to know!

if anybody has a suggestion

Venting to the blogosphere helps. Just ask M.I. - she does it all the time! :)

(As do I, and most other bloggers I know.)

Other suggestions:

1) Have a positive attitude towards the surgery on October 1. Make sure the doctors do, too - as in "Get it right this time, buckos!" You might mention M.I.'s chainsaw to help motivate them.

2) Count your blessings. You are married to a goddess, which is something very few of us can say. I can't. You have a family, which means fun vacations like the ones M.I. posts pictures of. You have a wife who isn't afraid to tell the world she loves you, and sounds like she means it.

3) Take two aspirin and call me in the morning. :)

Colonel Colonel said...

Dark chocolate ... and bourbon.